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Who are we?

In the Yishuv Kehilati Kela Alon in the Northern Golan Heights, they say that there is a house where the "Sitting Chef" and his wife Liat, host private dinners and cooking workshops, Whether you are a romantic couple, or a group of 30 diners, you can expect an unforgettable experience of fantastic dining and workshops. In the summer time they take place in our backyard… In the winter the "Sitting Chef" and his wife Liat open their house, and the dining takes place right in front of the Sitting Chef's open kitchen.
The meals that you order will be tailor-maid and cooked to perfection especially for you by the Sitting Chef and his wife Liat, with the freshest, and highest quality of produce that we can find in our humble sized country – High quality meat produced from the best herds in the Golan Heights, crisp fruits and vegetables straight from the crops, fresh caught fish from the ocean and the fish ponds in the area, Golan based olive oil, and in order to get the best strawberries, the Sitting Chef and his wife Liat will even make a 2-3 hour drive to the center of Israel if necessary, to make your dining experience a one of a kind journey with unique aromas, colors and flavors.


Tel: (972)054-755-3333  |  The sitting chef's house is a Jewish and kosher house * without a kosher certificate *


Stay at the sitting      chef's house

Planning on going north? With family friends the team to work or maybe a romantic trip. Instead of eating in the restaurant, the sitting chef and Liat's wife invite you to stay at their home for a meal that is an experience of hospitality and fine dining

* Must be booked at least 24 hours in advance

Workshops at the sitting chef's house

The sitting chef and his wife Liat will be delighted to host you for a special experience of a workshop and a couple meal and up to 30 workshop participants we will prepare a dish or more together for the meal so that in a moment we can have great activity for couples of all ages! Experienced and special family activity! An activity suitable for groups as a formative and enriching experiential activity!

Events at the sitting chef's house

If you are looking for a special event, different from what everyone else is doing, you are welcome to contact the sitting chef to choose a concept, and everything else Liat is already the pastry chef and event producer will organize the event to the smallest detail.

Tel: (054-755-3333  |  The sitting chef's house is a Jewish and kosher house * without a kosher certificate *

The concept dinner
The sitting chef

16 diners, 10 dishes, and the sitting chef 1

10 dishes that vary based on the raw materials available that season, accompanied by the chef's fascinating stories about the life of the dishes and the quality boutique wines and award-winning Golan boutique wineries carefully selected to accompany the meal.

Tel: 054-755-3333  |  The sitting chef's house is a Jewish and kosher house * without a kosher certificate *


As an avid restaurant enthusiast and know good restaurants in Tel Aviv, the meal must tell you the meal was simply perfect, incredibly accurate. 10 portions one of which completes the other.


Roei Taubi ,TLV

Tell us what you plan and we will tailor the experience to you

Thank you

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